About Ron Krivosheiw


Ron Krivosheiw

The most interesting artist you’ve never met, until now...

Ron Krivosheiw might as well bleed in different colors. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY he loved the geometric shapes of the city, but his overactive imagination needed a way to turn those monochromatic sites into colorful masterpieces. His love of art inspired him to found Speed Graphics, a photographic and reproduction company in 1970. Over the next 25 years Ron grew Speed Graphics into the largest graphic arts company in Manhattan employing over 350 people.

Throughout this time, he worked with some of the industries most talented and famous artists. Artists like Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Jim Henson to name a few but the list doesn’t stop there.

He’s also worked with some of the greatest photographers of our time including Annie Leibovitz and Cindy Sherman. All these talented artists depended on Ron when they needed the finest reproduction of their masterpiece’s that money could buy. For years some of the most talented people in the art world turned to Ron for their recreation needs.

Ron’s passion for creating original works led him to complete the successful sale of Speed Graphics in 1996. After his exit, his love for painting resulted in the creation of an astonishing 75 original pieces of art that are now showcased for sale on his website Thegallery82.com

His original artworks are truly something to be desired. He created these pieces using acrylic on canvas where he draws inspiration from his 25 years in the art world and his life’s travels where he has visited over 80 countries around the globe.

To call Ron a veteran of the fine art industry would be an understatement as he’s been through some of fine arts most maturing transitions from watercolor art into the more recent and advanced high quality digitally produced art known as Gicleé. His Gicleé prints on canvas are the result of his amazing ability to perfect the quality of color and saturation in a digital format. These prints can also be found on Thegallery82.com alongside his original works.

Most of Ron’s inspiration comes from real life experiences that are incredibly relatable. His beautifully crafted work “Nino" which was motived after losing his beloved dog is just one of the beautiful originals that can be found at the Gallery. For the first time ever, Ron has offered up his creations to provide the fine art collector with a conversational statement piece that breathes new life into the home.

Ron Krivosheiw’s (Kriv-o-Shay) work knows no boundaries. The Gallery 82 is a culmination of Ron’s most intimate works. Collectors are immediately invited to express their uniqueness through art that encompasses Museum Quality prints in a fun and colorful way.